Week #8: The Future



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We’ve reached our 8th and final week of celebrating the 8th birthday of Point B Dance. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog about Point B Dance and its origins. It is a very special place for many people – and it has been a unique and enlightening experience for me to put the past 8 years down in words.

So, this final Happy Birthday Point B Dance blog is different from all of the others.
This blog is not about what events have happened.
This blog doesn’t have the past to back up the stories.
This blog doesn’t depict the feelings or the experiences of different dancers.

No, this blog is different.
This blog is about the future.

And as I see it, the future is a blank slate – waiting to be danced upon. We all make plans for the future, what we would like to do, what we would like to see happen. But as soon as the plans are made, they become elusive -maybe by a change of events, maybe by change of heart, maybe by things beyond control. This is why I don’t speak openly about plans or dreams – because I know that plans and dreams are of an ebb and flow nature. Without fail, disappointment will happen when plans don’t fall into place as discussed. So, the goals and dreams are there, but kept silent until they come to pass.

However, the ultimate future of Point B Dance is to continue to provide a place where people love to dance, and they love each other. Where self consciousness goes away, and self esteem is built. Where forever friendships are made. Where love abounds.

Happy 8th Birthday Point B Dance!! We love you!!

After spring break, I will begin a new 4 part Blog series “When Dance Becomes Ugly”.