Inside is something… pushing and driving.

Inside is something..A hunger, an eagerness, a yearning.

Inside is something..that doesn’t know the word content.

It is maddening sometimes.

Sometimes I wonder why I can’t just BE.

But I just can’t.


Once we established the studio at 15th and Kasold, and we set the two annual shows at the arts center – I had to push for more. More shows, different venues. My mind wouldn’t stop until I appeased it with something new.

So – arose the Castle Tea Room shows. It was a new and extremely unique venue. In this venue, the audience would actually have to move from room to room and encounter a different soloist in each room. I had no idea if audience members would enjoy being that close to the dancers, let alone moving from room to room. But, I took the chance with contemporary dance rendition of Edgar Allen Poe’s, Masque of the Red Death. The story was perfect for the Castle Tea Room venue – 7 rooms in the story – 7 rooms in the Castle. And so was born our annual Halloween show!

But, I couldn’t stop there – OH NO. We’ve added the Princess Show and also a brand new show this year – CLUE. The audience members actually enjoy hearing the dancers breathe and being close to the action. As Annie McDowell says,“You feel as though you are part of the performance as the story moves from room to room in this grand old castle. Fantastic experience!” We are excited to have these three annual performances on our repertoire!!

And of course – after the hunger is appeased for a bit, it comes back. The restlessness, the yearning, the eagerness all pushing and driving for  a new challenge.

Check back next week for what the future might hold.