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So We Can Dance

  My good friend Shelly shared with me a very powerful article entitled “What the Dying Really Regret” by Kerry Egan, special to CNN.  Here is the link if you would like to read the entire article.  Click here.  Needless to say – it was powerful.  If you have the time to read the entire…

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The Big Softie

I’ve been accused of many things as a dance teacher. Accused of being too “soft”, of being too “accepting”, of being too “forgiving”. I’ve been told that maybe I should be more forceful, more intimidating, make the dancers want to please me and fear failure. Of course I am always evaluating my teaching and how I…

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The Perfection in Failing

Before reading this blog – watch this:   Yes – this is a basketball video not a dance video.  Yes it shows dribbling and shooting, not petite allegros and pirouettes.  But it does show  that players of other sports have the same values that dancers do – passion, desire, and determination.  But the main message is about…

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Finally – back to the blog!!  It was a great summer, lots of good times spent with family and friends.  Time spent in LA dancing, and time spent teaching.  It was fun!  But it is now time to buckle down and start the new year.  And each year at this time I am bombarded with a lot…

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